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Ellen Averett, Health Policy and Management

Charlie Bankart, Graduate School and International Programs

Paula Baum, Center for Telemedicine and Telehealth

Henry Bial, Theatre and Film

Julie Brixey, Nursing

Diann Burright, Freshman-Sophomore Advising Center

Rob Corser, Architecture

Glen Cox, Radiology

Jane Cox, Occupational Therapy

Ken Davis, Allied Health

Hannah Echalier Maxfield, Family Medicine

Debbie Ford, Nursing

Lee Furbeck, Admissions and Scholarships

Holly Goerdel, Public Administration

John Green, Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center

Saralyn Reece Hardy, Spencer Museum of Art

Bob Honea, KU Transportation Research Institute

Marvin Hunt, Continuing Education

Ann Huppert, Architecture

Amy Jordan Wooden, KUMC External Affairs

Karen Kelly, Cancer Center

Bernie Kish, Health, Sport and Exercise Science

Mary Ellen Kondrat, Social Welfare

Jan Lariviere, Dole Human Development Center

Jeremy Martin, Mathematics

Brent Metz, Anthropology

Bill Myers, Information Services

Jacqlene Nance, Law

Ed O’Donnell, Business

Yajaira Padilla, Spanish and Portuguese

Jorge Perez, Spanish and Portuguese

Kathy Pryor, Theatre and Film

Kirby Randolph, History and Philosophy

Lori Reesor, Student Success

Brian Rosenblum, Libraries

Peter Smith, Physiology and Mental Retardation Research Center

Kim Swanson, French and Italian

Mike Taylor, Geology

Kees van der Veen, Geography

Kevin Whitehead, English and American Studies

Sara Wilson, Mechanical Engineering