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Gail Agrawal, School of Law

Barbara Barnett, Journalism & Mass Communications

Jonathan Boyarin, Religious Studies and History

Kathleen Brewer, School of Nursing

Alice Carrott, Educational Support Services

Diane Clark, Landon Center of Aging

Lynne Connelly, School of Nursing

John Delzell, Family Medicine

Frank DeSalvo, Counseling and Psychological Services

Jerry Dobson, Geography

Ed Ellerback, Preventive Medicine and Public Health

Kathy Ellerbeck, Developmental Disabilities Center

John Finley, Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Compliance

Ed Foley, Edwards Campus

Andre Fortune, Admissions & Scholarships

Joe Gillespie, Student Health Services

Rick Ginsberg, School of Education

JoAnn Harris, Pediatrics

Mary Lee Hummert, Office of the Vice Provost for Research/Communications Studies Department

Ray Hummert, Public Administration

David Johnston, External Affairs

Melinda Krautmann, School of Nursing

Richard Lariviere , Provost

Deb Ludwig, Information Technology

Wally Meyer, School of Business

Stanley Mugeki, Department of Student Housing

Bill Narayan, Genetics and Immunology

Isaac Opole, Internal Medicine

Jim Peters, KU Continuing Education

Wendy Rohleder-Sook, Freshman-Sophomore Advising Center

Cynthia Schudel, School of Nursing Student Affairs

Jack Schwartz, KU Endowment Association

Deborah Schwartz-Kates, Music and Dance

Gail Sherron, Office of Admissions & Scholarships

Woochan Shim, School of Social Welfare

Garrick Skalski, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Denise Stephens, Information Services

Barbara Timmermann, Medicinal Chemistry

Ariana Wall, School of Social Welfare

Mary Anne Woirhaye, Preventive Medicine & Public Health

Bill Woods, Environmental Studies/Geography

Vladimir Yamshchikov, Molecular Biosciences